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A charm of HummingbirdsA cornucopia of colorful passerinesA gallery of assorted PunksA gang of SkulkersA pandemonium of ParrotsA tribe of PrimatesAnimal gastronomy...Army, Navy and Air Force: The PredatorsBill Festival !Biotope: Beaches, seaside cliffs and lagoonsBiotope: Lakes, rivers, ponds and swampsBiotope: MountainsBiotope: Open seasBiotope: Scrubland, savannah and desertsChallenging conditions: Ice, night, rain and snowCold blooded....Cute and cuddly rodents...Displaying, Courting, Mating and NestingDo not enter my Comfort Zone !Endangered....Feather festival  !Flying solo or in squadrons....Generation HopeHorns and HoofsMelanin-charged and Melanin-deficientMisnamed: the "Goat-suckers" familyMisnamed: the "Raven-like" familyMugshots,  Hairdoes, and PortraitsNature: a stage and its actorsPeckers, creepers and tree-huggersUnreliable parents: cuckoos and surprisesWild LandfowlWishing for better perches